Monday, November 28, 2005

I begin

Today I looked at my pals site, the new Dharma Bums, their lovely photos of birds, and their Thanksgiving photos. How much Rexroth's daughter looks like her father. How much I also misssed my parents at Thanksgiving.

I thought about all the ways in which I am exploring with line and d0ts, and that my sketchbook really doesn't do it for me. So many photos I want to post. I would like to chronicle my process in some way. What is leading me to what. Very often I light on something thru journaling, or something will catch my attention. I go off on an exploration, thinking that I could work on this for the rest of my life! Then something will flirt with me and take me off in a new direction. Am I alone in this, or does this happen to you too?

I am at a totally exciting time in my life, when I feel a delicious groundswell of my creativity. I taught my first class this past weekend, and it is true, what my teacher, Eve-Marie says. I learned a whole bunch from my students. I want to continue in this area, spreading the word about this amazing ancient medium, Encaustic.

Perhaps a note is in order, that I owe a debt of gratitude to Lynne Hayes on Whidbey Island. I first saw her encaustic work at a Day of the Dead show at the Bayview Corners Gallery in 2001. I had a visceral response. "What is this, and how do you do it?" Fortunately, Lynne was there and gave me a few details, "It's beeswax, and you use heat to fuse it, you know a hairdryer, or an iron." I went right to my studio, and started melting candles, and ironing on paper. The results were coompletely horrible. I was determined.

I soon found out about R and F paints, that they gave workshops and then the book The Art of Encaustic Painting, by Joanne Mattera. I took workshops, visited R and F, and now I am teaching my own.

This encaustic medium will incorporate all the media that I've work in during my lifetime-metal, fiber, collage, ceramic. I am so excited, I want to share this, and somehow chronicle my past and current explorations. So stay tuned, there are lots of visuals to share with you.

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Wicket said...

Cool! I've never heard of Encaustic before. Beautiful work.