Friday, August 25, 2006

Seattle Resources

A wonderful day with encaustic brother, Daniel Santjer. I met Daniel thru one of my fantastic students, Cyndy Goldman. Dan and I met at the Daniel Smith parking lot, and took off for the Boing Surplus store, where we combed the place from stem to stern for hours and hours, yacked up a storm, and bought wonderful and unusual things. I can't wait to get to work on a wacky new series. This place is an artists' paradise. We had a great Thai lunch. I really was hankering for some Asian food. We almost went to Ikea, but you can always go to Ikea, dolink. We were on a MEGA encaustic artist date. Our next stop was Seattle Pottery Supply. An enormous resource with fantastic tools, and an amazing bookstore. The place goes on and on. They had pretty good Hake brushes there, but I still prefer the ones at Utrecht. Then on to the restaurant supply store, where we looked at Stainless steel tables, and all forms of heating elements. This is in anticipation of our upcoming Paula Rowland encaustic monotype workshop in October. We were laughing about all the equipment that could be your:

  • encaustic french fryer
  • encaustic short order grill
  • encaustic griddle
  • encaustic hot dog maker
  • encaustic toaster

Do you think we've ingested too many fumes?

Then on to one of the salvage places. Finally back to Daniel Smith to shop for Galkyd for Michel Tsouris, and get all kinds of musthaves. R and F has a pretty good stock of paints there.

I started the evening with long time jeweler pal Megan Corwin, now doing marvelous ceramics for an upcoming March 2007 show at the Cabrillo Gallery. She gave me a tour of her amazing home, art collection, and upstairs jewelery studio/downstairs ceramics studio. We left the boys home and had girls nite out at the Santa Fe Cafe. Mmmmm very spicy. Back to hear her son play the piano magnificently. I drove right on to the 11 pm ferry. A perfect end to a perfect day.


girlnamedcraig said...

hi, i am a printmaking student at the university of georgia. right now, each student is supposed to explore and experimental printmaking process. while searching on the web i came across the encaustic monotype, and it peaked my interest but i have been able to find very little that can instruct me on how to create my own encaustic monotype. i saw that you were planning on atending paula roland's workshop and was curious to see if you have already done encaustic monotypes before. do you have any knowledge of the process, or know where i could find it? thanks

Daniella Woolf said...

Hi Girlnamedcraig
printmakers and encaustic are a natural! I have studied with Eve-Marie Bergren at R and F paints. She is a ukioye printer person. I have done only an itsy bitsy encaustic monotype with rives bfk on a hot palette. Paula Rowland is the ONE who knows all. I think she may make her own paint...I also think it needs to be very heavily pigmented...moreso than regular encaustic paint. You might want to check out her website. I've heard her workshops are awesome, and she is a fantastic person. Sorry I can't be of more help to you.

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