Friday, December 30, 2005

4. Commissions

28 Tonite Set Cyclorama for KCET TV in 1976.
300 Running Feet 22 feet high, 10,000 yards of Burlap.
I am in the background, photographing you.

Grand Ballroom of the Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel.
Architect John Portman Associates. 600 yards of Silk.
Me holding a bolt of silk.

Detail of the Fiber Tile Wall.
Blue Cross of Southern California Headquarters.
Crocheted gazillions of natural spun wool nests, all sewn together.
This is my model, Steven.

Security Pacific Bank, Camarillo Branch.
4 Layers of wool wrapped fiber tubes set at angles.

Another Bank project with wrapped fibers.

Cedars Sinai Medical Offices in Los Angeles.

Maps around glass tubes.
A proposal for something insane!

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