Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Inspiration X Three

Wow. Yesterday we had inspiration times three. We visited three artists here on the Island. First, Jane Winslow who showed us her to die for photos of China. We couldn't help ourseves, and had to have some. She is mounting them on canvas, and satin. They are stunning. Jane has a wonderful eye for composition, color, and content. What else is there? She is hanging a show at the Bayview Upstairs which opens on January 6th. Not to be missed, if you are anywhere close, rush to see this show. It will also be notable because of the two other artists exhibiting, Barbara Stout, and Sharon Shoemaker, excellent artists in their own right. Alas, we did not see their work for this show. But lucky you, you may get to.

Next, we visited Michel Tsouris and Beth Haughton. Michel's paintings are powerful, emotional, textural, and simply luscious. I am drawn to so many of them, it is hard to make a choice. She is inspires me in so many ways. I am totally impressed by the way in which she uses materials. Awesome. You rock, girl!

And then, talk about rocks, girl. Talk about hard to make a choice, this girl, Beth Haughton is a marvelous jeweler. I have looked and looked and been overwhelmed by her skill and talent, and the variety in which she uses metal. Hard to choose? Oy vey! We had a lovely time getting to know them better, and hope to share more time in the future. See more of their work.

I get the feeling up here, as with Santa Cruz. There is so much talent and creativity , the place is pulsing with the lifeblood of art. Thanks to the three of you for your infinite talent and contribution to eye candy and delight.

Michel Tsouris' paintings are done with oil wax and tar.

Lovely gold ring by Beth Haughton

Alternet says that 2005 wasn't all that bad. An article that might make you smile.

And now for a little Dotty in the news. Today is Louis Braille's birthday, as noted by Google!

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robin andrea said...

You inspire me to go out and see what other artists are making of this world we live in. There is so much beauty being created by their minds, hands, and eyes. Always something stunning to see and make me glad to be alive.