Friday, February 17, 2006

Artists Date in Palo Alto and San Jose

Inspiring Mega Artists Date yesterday. I took a lot in. We must always fuel the visuals, I say.

Detail of Saral
24" x 24"
encaustic on wood

A must see show at the Palo Alto Art Center
Deborah Barrett's mixed media drawings and sculpture are stunners.
Robert Brady's sculpture was so moving, I cried.
I also saw Shane Miller's jewelry there...looking good, Shane.

Shane's Geisha pendant is in the case at the PA Art Center.

I had lunch with young pals Claude and Alana in their wacky Mountain View 50's home.

Car door handles for kitchen cabinet pulls!

Rooftop art

Then on to Santana Row for hunting for the orange Puma's that Tobin bought.

You ART What you SEE.



You ART What you EAT.

Can anyone to to a bakery and not think of Wayne Thiebaud?

More visuals about this, coming soon to this blog.

I attended the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art's show Hair Raising, Artists Walkthrough. Tthe collectors who loaned pieces to the show, spoke as well. Very interesting. Also since I am a Victoria May groupie, it was great to hear her speak! I really liked the work of Renee Billingslea, a new fave.

Today I've gotta clean the studio of painting, and get to some serious sewing for the Pajaro Show. I must deliver works on March 16. I shall miss my hot waxy brushes.

Now ladies, fly to your sewing machines!

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