Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Modular Panels

I'm getting some panels today which are 16 x 32. Suddenly I've been thinking about modules again. Years ago I was designing textiles in a modular way. It was before computers, and I would draw these little square modules, trace them, and take them to what I called the Church of Kinko's on a quiet Sunday, xerox them, then tape them together. I have books filled with these designs. The unifier was color, natch.
Anyway I'm shipping more and more work today, and transporting it to galleries and shows, so suddenly my thinking about this is getting thrown into the matrix.
instead of an 18 x 80 gorgeous long piece, what if it became a diptych or a triptych of panels that were this 16 x 32 size...and it could be hung in any direction. Such versatility, you shouldn't know from it!


kate said...

Interesting! You know, ever since I took that first workshop, I've been thinking in threes. My notebook is full of sketches for sets of threes. And I did one set of three at the workshop last weekend. What is it about three? Hmmm ... and why are the dots so compelling? I keep coming up with dot thoughts ...

Linstilllife said...

a wonderful idea, genius!