Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What People Wear and the Bees

In the last Sundance Catalog, I saw the handcrafted Indulgence Earrings by Nava Zahavi who lavishes glorius red garnets and luscious blue iolites in 24k gold. Back to the pool, where almost every day, Anne would arrive wearing a periwinkle rash guard and a red visor. Mmmm, reminding me of this color combo. I think a periwinkle and red painting is about to be born. A lot of designing goes on in my mind at this pool.

I was reading the Spring Colors entry on the Dharma Bums, and found this recommendation to see the photos on Burning Silo. Wow. You gotta see these Bees! Amazing photos, for the creatures that bring us our wonderful wax so we can paint like the ancients, in a contemporary way, of course.

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