Friday, August 25, 2006

Collaboration with Eileen

My sister Eileen (what do you want for breakfast) P. Goldenberg is a multitalented gal. She works in encaustic as well as a ceramic. See her website here. We are starting to collaborate...she is building the boat forms, and I am painting them. Yesterday this shipment sailed into my studio.

Today I began to paint.
I'm pretty excited about this new series.

The oars will be wrapped with my text
I'd love to have your feedback.


Deanna said...

They're beautiful! They look boat-like but also a little remiscent of bugs or coccoons with the sticks coming out. I've worked a little with encaustic on ceramic - I'm curious how you fuse the encaustic without it all sliding off the three-dimensional form.

Daniella Woolf said...

Hi Deanna

I fuse them really slowly with a torch I got from R and F's like a creme brulee torch.

kate said...

I love boat 4. Do you still have it? I'd love to see it in person. Let's talk ...

Anonymous said...

The collaboration is great! Somehow I keep expecting Jason or Tristan to set off on a journey but these boats are , without a doubt, setting sail for feminine journeys.
Keep up the good work.
Hugs, JimmieB.