Friday, October 27, 2006

Encaustic Montypes and Fast and Furious.

Life is fast and furious right now. Whew. I just emailed my pal Connie who toggles between Whidbey and Germany where was she? Germany. I had to say that today I'm in Santa Cruz, yesterday Santa Barbara and tomorrow Novato. A lot of car time, lately and it doesn't seem to be letting up! Yesterday a new gallery in Santa Barbara, and tomorrow thru Sunday a week end Encaustic Monotype Workshop with the amazing Paula Rowland. I've heard wonderful things about Paula, and have been told by muchas encautic buddies that I need to take her class. Usually she teaches in Santa Fe and at Ghost Ranch. Our group, formerly WCEA (West Coast Encautic Artists), now IEAA (International Encaustic Artists Association) got Paula to come here to provide us with Master Classes! I am excited and looking forward to learning new skills and being with my wax buddies.
Mmmm bring on the paper!

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