Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Encaustic Retreat 2007

Cari Hernandez, the organizer of this fabulous event!

An absolutely marvelous weekend. We learned lots of "new chops" through the many and varied demos of our generous members, a great presentation by Chester Arnold (I lost my fear of rabbit skin glue gesso), and laughed ourselves silly. Here are only a few photos. You can see more at the IEA Blog. You can see what we did at the 2006 retreat at Rodney Thompson's studio. A huge applause and giant thank you to Cari Hernandez Bolton for organizing the retreat, and making it run smoothly. You gave us all an enormous gift Cari ! A gazzillion thanks, and huge applause for making this a flawless event.
Chester Arnold and the Rabbit Skin Glue Gesso demo

Our laboratory


Anonymous said...

If only I had known! I would have loved to attend. How do I find out about next year?

Daniella Woolf said...

Hi Karen
Check out the IEA website for all information Encaustic!

and become a member!