Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The First Encaustic Conference in Boston

Gallery 301 opening-me and Elena de la Ville hugging mid photo
140+ gathered for the first National Encaustic Conference in Beverly Massachusetts at Montserrat College. The conference was organized by Joanne Mattera. A giant thank you to Dean Laura Tonelli and everyone at Montserrat who made is amazing weekend possible. Panels on the State of the Art, and Materials were informative, provocative and stimulating. Curator and Critic Barbara O’Brien stand out head and shoulders in my mind as a person of high intellect with a brilliance for language.
Panelists Richard Frumess, Hope Turner of the Arden Gallery, and Barbara O'Brien

It was my distinct pleasure to meet Richard Frumess, president of R and F Paints, a warm and fabulously multidimensional person.
Joanne Mattera and Richard Frumess talking wax (?) at the Church

Collaborati, the group simultaneously formed by Eileen P. Goldenberg, Cari Hernandez and myself performed our high energy show to rave reviews!
Collaborati-me, Cari and Eileen

Many demonstrations were held in concurrent sessions on technique, curatorial information were plentiful and informative.

George Mason presenting work with stencils. Hylla Evans front row, Nancy Natale second row

What was clearly abundant for each of us, is our passion for the wax, bees, microcristalline, parafin or any combos thereof. In conjunction with the conference, a juried show, entitled Hot Stuff graced the 301 gallery at Montserrat. I was one of the artists selected for the show and had the distinct pleasure of being surrounded by the following gentlemen’s works: Miles Conrad from Tucson, El Angel of Polsbo Washington and Alexandre Masino of Montreal. I had seen Masino’s work 2 years ago at the Boone Gallery in Salem, curated by Joanne. I fell in love with his work, and thought of ways to create a video to interview, or meet him someday. My dream came true at this conference. Not only did I get to meet Alexandre, but also his lovely companion, Yeshel Gagnon. Gagnon is also an enormous talent, working with plywood in the most intriguing and soulful way. That undefinable thing that artist and metal woman, Shane Miller and I always talk about. What is that certain je ne sais quois about some art that connects straight to your heart, is so compelling and unforgettable? I’ve just started a list of the artists that reach this deep part of me, (Dorothy Caldwell you're currently at the top of my list), am putting it in the queue for bloggage someday. One of the highlights of this conference for me was to meet these two delightful artists! I hope we can visit each other when we are both in the same place someday. Alexandre and I discovered that we carried almost identical backpacks, and use the same moleskine sketchbook!
I also saw Venezuela born Elena de La Ville whom I met in Sarasota earlier this year. She’ll be visiting sometime soon as well, I hope. This encaustic family to which we belong is a precious gift. On our last evening, a small group went to the wonderful Passage to India restaurant. Later we walked out along the jetty watching the sunset and what somebody referred to and “Jesus Clouds” in Salem, and then had some lovely handmade ice cream and saw the House of 7 Gables. Earlier that afternoon, I went to the Joseph Cornell Show at the Peabody Essex Museum, just in case I didn’t have enough inspiration! I sit in the Logan Airport waiting to fly home to my girls, long stretches in the studio and sorting out all I’ve taken in these past three weeks. For way more on this, check out Joanne's Blog.
church window composition

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