Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Indian Wedding Inspiration

hands of the bride

This past weekend we attended Kim's nephew's wedding. The bride's family are from India and this was a total visual extravaganza lollapaloza extraoidinaire. I've been in a black and white minimalist palette for quite some time, ok , well with the exception of the introduction of the slats. After this weekend, the sari's, the fabric the uncontrolled decoration and opulence, there are no words for my state of mind, except "When can we go to India?" The festivities went on for three days. My thoughts turn to huge abstract paintings of sari's covering women's bodies the color, the shapes the stunning fabrics. Are they collage, sewn paper, oil paintings, encaustic paintings...who can know?These quickie shots are only from the first party from the first day, the Mehendi Party.
For the professional photos taken by the official wedding photographer... check these out


robin andrea said...

Yes! I love Indian art and colors. The vibrancy is tactile. What a beautiful wedding. BTW-- I also love your new shadow art. That is spectacular.

Taradharma said...

I can see why you were visually attracted to these fabrics and body paint. That top photo of the sari - why, that's a DW painting if I ever saw one!