Monday, July 28, 2008

Teaching at Spiro Arts

studio at Spiro Arts
Co-teaching for R and F Paints this past 5 days with Spiro Arts Executive Director, Kathryn Stedham has to be right up there with one of my all time greatest waxy experiences. Spiro is atop an old Silver Mine in Park City, with a 2200 square foot superb studio space. Great light, ventilation and enough electricity. And, lovely residences right across the parking lot. Waaahho! We had two terrific intern artists: Justin and Gavin, assisting us in every way possible. I can't wait to see where these guy go with their talent! We had a superb group of students. Clearly, it was one of those magical times when people get along, are all talented, and there is that synergy. How did we get so lucky? Here are some snaps of the time. Justin and Gavin have complied a spot on PhotoBucket where we are all dropping our slides. If that's not enough, mine are posted on the web here and more here.
Kathryn teaches the monotype portion of our class

Happy table mates Diana Cohn and Anita Elliott become fast friends!

Fanne Fernow demos with special tools she's made!

Salt Lake City artist Jeff Juhlin shows us his work

happy artists

Justin and Gavin had us packed up in 1 hour-how is that possible?

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