Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Korea Day 11-back to Seoul

Mr. Kong, our reliable driver, picked us up right on time, in his Jumbo Taxi and whisked us to our beloved Fraser Suites in Insadong. We are at our home away from home, and so happy to be here. We miss Kim so much, remembering the fun we had together here last year. Betsy arrived shortly after us, and took us off to our brush and paper supplier. We learned even more about paper from him, and added to our order, including some lovely ink. He was so helpful and generous, leaving us with armfulls of gifts of every sort. Now that our business is taken care of, we have time for shopping, and the visual inspiration that Korea provides in so many ways.
Our first lunch in Insadong was a wonderful alley place-is there any other kind? All the walls were filled with graffiti. In typical Wendy fashion, she left our mark.
We ordered a bugogi and a kimchi chigae. Yummy-all of it!
After lunch we gallery hopped. How is this for book arts. Carved marble!
And then one of our favorite places called How and What. Almost everything in the store is black or black and white. The adorable woman remembered us from last year. She was pregnant, and now has a son!
They have really fun clothing and jewelry there. Here is a zipper piece.
We walked home by way of this hilarious frame shop-a classic.

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