Friday, September 17, 2010

Korea-Day 14 paper folding and Leeum

 Betsy visited us for breakfast. I was folding paper into box shapes, and she showed us all a way to make boxes without glue. Bingo, a new obsession. OCD-a-rama. Here is where it all began.
 with text and stamps
 Jung Shin came and took us to lunch, and we got the wait person involved, she happily folded a crane for us in a matter of seconds. As if she didn't have enough to do.
 Later in the day,  I graduated to green striped paper from our packaging, ah this might be the right tool for the right job. When we got home at the end of the day, I used the black printed paper from the fall collection catalogue of How and What which makes really cool thin white lines. I'm a gonner.
Entrance to the Leeum. A pattern wall of text on glass
The hit of the day was the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. It is composed of three connecting buildings which are designed by Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel and Rem Koolhaas.It has two Louise Bourgeois spiders out in front. Everything about this museum is first rate. My spirit is lifted beyond explanation when I experience superb architecture.
The staircase alone has to be one of the most gorgeous spaces ever.
As if that weren't enough, the collections, from ancient national treasures to contemporary Korean and global art were over the top. The Damien Hirst wall of pills really got my attention.
 They also provide audio players, with visuals of each work explained. The audio comes in automatically when one is in range of the art. A terrific experience all around.
And get this, the bathrooms had a classical bust that was actually composed of soap. A dash of humor in all this gorgeous minimalism.
 Jung Shin at the bottom of the stairs with a Donald Judd.
You know we ended our day with another superb dinner in yet another alley.

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