Saturday, September 11, 2010

Korea Day 7-IAPMA Day 3

Today we had very scientific presentations on Paper. Really interesting but not enough visuals for me. So much about the chemical make up of mulberry trees, information about the binders. An entire book with notes from each presenter. Every conceivable function and use for hanji, including cigarette filters, flooring, diapers. Fascinating but somehow not inspirational. Then on to workshops. Wendy, Judy and I were in the same papermaking one. First we did Washi, the Japanese style of papermaking, then Hanji, the Korean Style. They have fantastic equipment built for this. Rustic and functional. A marvelous triangular shaped stainless steel  heaters, powered by LPG gas. They dry the paper on these "racks," which are also gorgeous sculptural objects.
Two ladies doing a perfect job of hand scraping the bark. Photos to come.

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