Saturday, November 03, 2012

Jaipur day 1

Today a trip to the City Palace. First stop was the astrological park, which is a marvelous melange of architectural sculpture. This could fill many blissful days with a camera and or sketch pad, capturing a myriad of planes, angles and lines. I couldn't believe it when this bird walked into the as I snapped the shutter.

Then to the Textile Museum, artisans and pink courtyards. Two silver urns which carried 700 gallons each of water from the Ganges for the Maharajah. in this manner, he could leave the country, and not have to drink foreign water!

You ca see the urn is much taller than Kim. Then on to Bhandari Jewelers. They showed us fabulous examples of how their artisans cut and set stones.

Hand cutting and faceting stones.

Jeweler's tools.

Necklace set in pitch while working.

Here is a holy man outside the palace. I wonder if he is a friend of Desmond? Every day is a lovely reminder that the Indian people are fearless lovers of color !

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