Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Working with Opposites

Last nite I worked in my studio (ahhhh). These are small 10 inch square pieces-the theme: opposites, in the Dotty Stripes tradition. The first set, green and blue are still in progress. It will be fun to show you how they will resolve, eventually. The last set are opposites-not! I am inspired by the black one with silver, and think I will paint a larger one with prussian or indigo background with silver.


Asher said...

You're right, Dottie! The black and silver piece is particularly inspiring. There's something gritty about it, but at the same time you get a sense of wholeness because I think there is comfort in images or shapes shown in sequence. I don't know if I making any sense -- I mainly just wanted to say that I really love your work.. a LOT!

Daniella Woolf said...

Hey there Asher. I am just finishing up a larger one, which I will post tonite or tomorrow