Monday, December 19, 2005

Setting up the Studio

Here's 3 pieces of a place setting I opened this morning. Shirl Lipkin and I traded artwork this summer. I am so excited to be receiving these gorgeous works. They are stacked dinner on the bottom, salad in the middle, and dessert on top!

I've been spending the morning in the traditional way. A mocha chai and morning pages. Three pages of handwritten nonstop writing about whatever falls onto the page. My ultimate chai is Sunchai, imported from Santa Cruz, with Emily's, imported from Santa Cruz, chocolate mixed in. I had to grapple with a dream that I awoke to. In my dream, I found wads of money in some ivy. Along with the wad of money was the invoice. So I knew who the two parties were in the exchange. My dilemna was: do I keep the money, or return? I decided after a few minutes of consciousness, that I was too guilty to keep the money. There wasn't an amount. During the course of the morning, I've been thinking, well what if it was this amount? And what about this scenario. Funny to think about all the variables.What would you do?

I started to set up my studio for sewing for the Pajaro Valley Show. Bonnie and Dorothy, the curators will be happy that I'm getting on track to produce the two agreed upon pieces. It's been really fun discovering what I left here from the summer. All kinds of shreds of paper in bags, artwork started and not completed, bags of non shredded paper. I arranged them for sewing.
My two sewing machines. The Singer, a reminder of the one my mom had. The "new" Kenmore I bought here last summer for 25.00 at The Senior Thrift Store. It works like a charm. Here are the raw materials for creating the pieces.

Thread from Mom's stash on a Shirl Lipkin dessert plate

Miles of adding machine tape

Fourth of July paper retrieved from the beaches on the Fifth

Here's how some of it looks sewn

Three bags full of Eucalyptus leaves, imported from Santa Cruz

Two new place settings of Shirl Lipkin Ceramics
Totally inspiring love fest!

Fruit for the fruity!

I've got to get out of my PJ's and take Zuma to the beach. Back to the studio to sew sew sew!

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Kim Tyler said...

Hey Fruity,
What a big ethics dilemma. Keep the or give it back? I think everybody harbors a fantasy of getting something for nothing, especially getting something BIG for nothing. That's why everybody loves game shows, lotteries, contests, etc. On the other hand, we like to get something for nothing honestly if possible. I guess I'd give it back and hope that there would be a substantial reward offered by the grateful person. Only have to think of how if would feel if it was your own money lost to begin with :-(
Love those plates, btw. They dazzle me pretty good.....