Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Studio Progress

I am sewing these panels for the PVAC show, The Art of Textiles. My goal yesterday was 5, I did six. They are pretty slow going, as they are 10+feet. I thought I'd show you how it's going. I'm not certain which ones will survive and which ones will get edited. For now I'm simply sewing. I'm looking at them next to the piece I naively did this past summer. You know, that naive thing, when you are exploring and not thinking. Then you try to duplicate what you did. . I can see, I gotta let go more. Here are snipits and details.

This is about a three foot length.

Detail of two sewn strips.

Another detail.

The ferry I will take tomorrow to Port Townsend.

Jump ropes hanging on my studio wall.
Sung to the tune, Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

Dinner with Xtine (Christine) lastnite. She is my dearest friend on the Island, and the person who does my website, as well as the websites for a lot of other artists. She showed me some wonderful photographs of her nephew, Theo Morrison, and his wife Alessandra Petlin. Alessandra's photos can be seen at EdgeReps. Check out these two amazingly talented and inspiring artists.

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