Monday, January 23, 2006

Lola the Great

Lola has an irregular heartbeat/pulse. Everything else looks good. She needs a pacemaker! We have an appointment to have this done, next Monday at the UC Davis Vet clinic. They will perform the implant in her then. Life is full of adventures! We hope this will cure her, and give her many more years of athletic romping and those silly Micky Mouse smiles! The thought of loosing her was unbearable. Her life was really flashing before my eyes, the past few days.

Lola several years ago, when we were snowed in on Whidbey.

Lola by the winter fire on Whidbey.


robin andrea said...

Many years ago my sister's great dane had a pacemaker put in. In fact, it was done experimentally, because I think she was one of the first dogsin California to get one. She lived a long time with it.

Good luck to Lola, that's great news.

Daniella Woolf said...

Thanks RD. What a crazy day it's been.
Sigrid and I just finished Margarita's and feel much better! Love to you and DPR.

Jean said...

Tous mes voeux pour la guérison !
Good luck for Lola !