Friday, January 13, 2006

San Jose Public Art Proposal

I just lost two days. I didn't go to the gym. I worked on my proposal for the San Jose Public Art Artist Pool. I really missed my exercise, painting and blogging. There must be a better way to balance. Maybe give up procrastination?

Here's my assembly line, 2 CDs, 10 packets, 17 pages each

Cover letter
CD Image List 1
CD Image List 2

The good news is that I have all this information quite handy and ready to rock and roll for something else, who knows what that will be? I bet Carol is smiling, because my CD covers match my stationery!

1 comment:

robin andrea said...

So that explains your bloggy absence. Good work, Dotty. Quite a nice package. And, as you say, now that it's done, you can use it whenever you need it, and update it whenever you want.

Wonderful job.