Sunday, January 01, 2006

Something about History

I read some really good letters to the editor today in the Opinion section of the Sunday Seattle paper. I feel hopeful. I feel change is in the air.

Several years ago, I decided to “comeback” to my art. My artwork has taxied down the runway. I have lift off. There will be much soaring in the coming years. I now have two galleries that represent my work. Here is one. My goal is to add three more this year. I plan to travel a lot this year to assist the soaring.

I feel loved by my friends and family. Fourteen years ago when Kim and I met, at a workshop, the path we were following was to graduate from self to community. For so long, I thought of myself as an outsider. In my bones, now I feel that I belong. I now have community. In the bigger picture, that community is the art community, and in specific the Encaustic community. Upon viewing the first encaustic painting I saw at the gallery, here on Whidbey Island, I had a visceral reaction. Was it that skin like appearance which was a precursor to me feeling right and safe and accepted in my own skin? I can only wonder. The body never lies. Was I being lead home to my community?

I adore this internet. I stay in touch with many friends, and have made new ones. I have reconnected after 30 years, because of this blog with two of my grad school buddies, Yael and Barbara. We agree, we must have a reunion. It is so wonderful when you have history with people. I have a similar group from my Jr. High (yes, Jr. High) friends. We’ve already had our 20, 30 and a 40 year reunion. I can’t say enough about this shared history thing. It is powerful. I am sad about the losses of our elders and this feeling that we are “exposed” to the world, unshielded by our parents, older sibs, cousins.

Today I think about and celebrate my dear friends Mark and Fifi (I am the only person allowed to call her Fifi)! They just became grandparents on Christmas day. I have known Mark and Fifi for some 17 years now, have officiated at their wedding, and their Daughter Rachel’s wedding to Will, and am known to them as Unca DD. Well I just became Great Unca DD to Rachel and Will’s new son, Julian Robert Massey Mimmack, who weighed in at 9 lbs 3 oz. Welcome to the World, Jewel Boy (my new working name for you)! Your Great Unca DD can’t wait to meet you!
Will, Rachel and Julian Robert Massey Mimmack

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