Tuesday, January 03, 2006

White on White

I awoke in the night to the sound of who-who, our resident owl. I flashed back to the beautiful snowy owl I saw on the Dharma Bums blog, but no, it was a Bums approved one? I’ll find it for you. Or they will! Then another white on white dream, with flowing white fabric. Was it Kim’s drawing class that had to draw flowing white fabrics? Then on to the all white room that Ule painted for Bialystock and Bloom, while she was “tidying oopp” in the Producers yesterday. I laughed till I hurt. Better than a work out at the gym! This movie is very close to the stage play. That Mel Brooks, I’m tellinkue he is oh so brilliant and hilarious Then I saw the all white on white room that Charles Rennie Macintosh and his wife did somewhere in the 1800’s, a bit a head of their time, lassies. Perhaps,inspired by the doilies I procured from under our chai cups at Sweet Lorette’s and sewed them onto this strip. This white album starts my day.

Wendy, our hilarious friend, drove us to movies yesterday in her white station wagon, complete with tush warmers. I thought she should do stand up comedy, with her mother Phyllis, another woman with amazingly funny stories. "You know, it could be like George and Gracie, except it would be a mother daughter act." She said, “Say Goodnight, Phyllis.” Goodnight Phyllis, sorry we didn’t get to see you on this trip. We picture you in your all white Canadian Condo, looking out on your snowy view with your all white cat buttercup, perched on your chest, tuned in to John Stewart, and Bill Maher.

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