Sunday, February 05, 2006

Clashing Patterns and Pie Pot Luck

Dotty Stripes Cheesecake, designed and executed by Carol, aesthetic goddess.

Olin and Karen-definite winners!

Great shoes and sox by Frances-also a stunning lemon meringue pie, not shown.

Cousins with Jori - showing their shoes and sox.

Amazing wild child • artist • dancer • singer Fatima!

Jimmy with homage to DD art outfit and amazing art carrot cake (not shown).

Dotty Stripes with her finger on the pulse of Kim's new solar powered Dot Fountain.

Fatima and Chopsy doing the checkbook hat dance.

Zuma, Rosemary, and Fatima

Megan, Laura, Amy and Phil-the cousins.
Amy traveled the farthest-from New Hampshire.

Ashley, my adorable niece!

Ashley's Yummy Mashed Potatoe Pie.

Andre and Dorothy-very clashy!

Marianna and Lois, my pool gal pals.


kate said...

What fun we had! Though I must admit I was sorry we didn't get it together to clash! What an amazing group of friends you have. It's always such a treat to get to spend a little time in your universe. And now I want to take one of your workshops! Sign me up! LOVE LOVE LOVE from me and da boys ...

Kim Tyler said...

Another great party, and wow the costumes were inspired! We are so lucky to have such loving and creative friends!

robin andrea said...

The party looked fantastic. Wish we could have been there. You're all so beautiful, and you look like you were having a lot of clashing fun!