Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crazy Dream

Or was it a nightmare? I awoke this morning to a vivid dream. I was minding my own business when a new aquaintance offered me a job in Development. Name your price. As we were chatting, we watched a room transform. It was being set up for an enormous banquet. All the tables and chairs were orange and red.
In my waking hours, I've been thinking about an orange painting with red dots, and some voice has been saying no, no. In real life, I just gave my neighbor my former boss' (in Development) email address. In real life, I just saw this gorgeous RED Eames Chair at Design Within Reach at Santana Row on Thursday. Is it because I saw this red chair and was hunting for the ORANGE Pumas?

This was the actual color of the chair. Yum!

I decided to not name my price, because I am in love with my job!


Kim Tyler said...

This is so funny and creative and amply illustrates why you should not quit the job you have (and love) now for any price! You are amazing!!!

Linstilllife said...

I agree!