Saturday, February 25, 2006

Design Parameters/Photoshop

I think about design constraints. Stay with one image and work it over and over. Give yourself some paramaters in which to work. Stay within a certain set of rules. Here are some possibilities with the same image of shirts in a store in Rome. Playing around in Photoshop.

original photo of shirts

diffuse edges

poster edges

graphic pen

accented edges



robin andrea said...

Photoshop is an amazing playground. I love that one red shirt in the photo. Wild.

Kim Tyler said...

This is terrific! Each one has its own peculiar beauty, and the concept of shirts just disappears. They become shapes, textures, planes. You amaze me and surprise me and delight me!

Endment said...

This is great inspiration.

I am still such a beginner in working with photo shop -- love your interpretation.