Monday, February 13, 2006

The Family that Encaustics Together...

Stays together!?

Ecstatic family members with their encaustic paintings!

This weekend I taught workshops in my studio. On Saturday, I had three wonderful artists working away. They were telling me this was changing their lives, and one said that this was better than sex! I thought maybe I should call her husband. Valentine's day is coming right up.

On Sunday our family workshop consisted of our:

our daughter-in-law's mother
our daughter-in-law's sister
our daughter-in-law's sister's friend
our daughter-in-law's friend
our daughter-in-law's friend's girl friend

Can you tell, we adore our daughter-in-law?

They all did fantastic work. The studio was buzzing all weekend. We only blew a fuse about 5 times! Clearly I need a bigger space with more electricity. Now I am looking for venues which will have the juice and the ventilation I need to teach larger groups.


Kim Tyler said...

What a fun day! Yes, clearly we are crazy about our daughter in law, and her friends and family.....

robin andrea said...

Great group shot of very happy people. I love it. Hey, I took an art workshop this weekend too! I made a book (that opens into a 7-point star) with hand-stitched binding. It's thrilling to create something, as you know so well! I'm so glad you do workshops, Dotty. Maybe when you're up here in our neck of the woods...