Sunday, May 28, 2006

Collaboration with Cari

On Saturday, my painting pal Cari and I worked together on a piece. I love her work. She does these ultra gorgeous smooth surfaces, and wanted to see her technique. Plus, I just love her to bitz. We had mucho chattage before even starting to work. We thought it would be fun to do one piece together, and donate it to the WCEA auction next month. The auction is a fundraiser and first anniversary for our West Coast Encaustic Artist's Group. We all would like to own one each others work, but most likely can't afford it! So we're all donating work for an auction so that we can buy it and donate to our beloved group! We took a Rodney Thompson panel I had, with several pounds of beeswax poured on top, and each took half. We did work over the line and into each others territory! It was really fun. Here are the results.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!Wow!! Just love it! What a great collaboration. The colors, texture, overlap of ideas so beautifully executed. Great idea.

robin andrea said...

That's beautiful, Dotty. Wonderful colors.