Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What People Wear and Yo-Yo Moi

At the pool today at my Water Exercise Class, Bing one of my fave teachers was wearing a blue swimsuit. She had on one of those flotation belts which was turquoise and it had black elastic straps, two on either side. I kept thinking this was a great composition for a painting. That sometimes happens to me. I see people walking on the street, and the way they have arranged their colors, stripes and dots gives me ideas

I just picked up Johathan Safran Foer's latest book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Now this guy has got the word thing going going gonzo. Remember in his last book, Everything Is Illuminated, the name of the dog was Sammy Davis Junior Junior, and how he talked about how girls wanted to be carnal with him? From word one, he had me laughing out loud! Anyway, I have this feeling this book is going to be very touching, including twists and turns of word play.

He said, "Whatever you want,"and then he took my yo-yo off my desk and started to walk the dog with it. I know he just wanted to be friendly, but it made me incredibly angry. "Yo-yo moi!" I told him grabbing it back.

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Linstilllife said...

I just read extremely close, and now want to read everything is illuminated.
the book is unforgettable.