Thursday, July 20, 2006

Goddess of Wax Starts her own Blog

You knew it wouldn't take long before Joanne Mattera started her own Blog- and it's lookin' really good. You know that Goddess has the best taste. Check out her new digs. She calls it JM Blog.And a very cool 'nuther site with Chris Ashley, called Two Artists Talking.

Wow, I've been teaching 24 students this week out at Cabrillo College in Aptos. More about it soon. They are the most ravenous artists I've ever worked with. Their eyes sparkle, they are all smiles, and after 4 days we just placed another paint and medium order for next week. Here are my guest presenters Wednesday.
Eileen Goldenberg doing textured layers.
We call her the "antiRodney"

Adele Louise Shaw doing embedded objects.

Cari Hernandez does smooth
as daughter Kira watches angelically.

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