Friday, July 07, 2006

Travels-Cherry Creek

We just returned from a road trip to Denver to do the Cherry Creek Art Festival. This was the best festival I've been in so far. They treat their artistists like royalty! We had a wonderful time, especially hanging out with other artists from all over the country. We met some new ones, and now I am lusting for a work by Cathy Rose. I haven't stopped thinking about her work since I saw it. Very inspiring.I hope to see her again this summer- looks like she'll be at the Kansas City show. Yesterday, we stopped in to see some galleries I've heard good things about, in Nevada City. Julie Baker Fine Art (currently showing Santa Cruz Artist Michelle Stitz) and The Mowen Solinsky Gallery, showing a number of my pals, Michel Tsouris (with whom we had a ball caravaning home-especially Bfast at the Buckaroo Cafe in Green River Wyoming-you must try their green chili), featured artist, Susan Dorf (your work looks FAHBulous, dolink in that space), Sharon Spencer sculpture, and another lust fest on Jacqueline Hurlbert's exquisite pods.
It's so good to be home, before my 2 week teaching stint at Cabrillo, and flying up to Seattle to do the Bellevue Show. What to pack...Bellevue, St. Louis and Kansas City coming up. Seeing and cuddling our puppy Zuma has been the best part of coming home!

The Boardwalk at Arches outside of Moab, Utah

Wyoming backroad

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Kim Tyler said...

Mmmm, looking at those photos makes we want to turn around and drive right back there - perhaps without all the waxy art baking in the back seat this time! Sure was a great trip!