Monday, August 07, 2006

Sculptural Birdies

On my half birthday I read this very upsetting article entitled Sick birds mean shoddy birdies in The Seattle Times. Feathers used in shuttlecocks have been short in quantity and quality since millions of geese in China have been slaughtered to contain bird flu. The results can be felt by badminton players worldwide. My dad taught me a reverence for Badminton in my youth, earning me a place on the all city badminton team in LA. My passion for this fantastic sport continues to this day.
see the interior text better on this angle

With all the Global Warming, pollution and war and war and war, I am feeling pretty down. Somehow dots just ain't doin' it for me right now. I'm wanting to build altars for the birds, the fish, and all of us who are living in this global whateveritis. I am starting with these. Three dimensional altars, stonehenge somethings that will protect my feathers, my stones, my sea creatures, my teabags and help my heartbreak for our planet. I'm only getting started but I feel there is a lot to explore. The other nite, I looked at a favorite book on Lenore Tawney, and was struck at how much she has inspired me and continues to do so. Homage a Global and to Ms. Tawney.


Anonymous said...

Your new sculptural piece is wonderful! Missing you, W.

Judy Vars said...

Hi Dotty Stripes,
I also work with encaustic wax and have taken a workshop from Eva Marie and plan to take another from Danielle at RF later this month and then I will be demonstrating at the Alaska State Fair. I love your blog and want to be a part of this network of artists who love encaustics, can I add you to my blog?

Judy Vars

robin andrea said...

I love the idea of building altars for the planet. I think it is great that your art will be infused with your passion about the earth. I can't wait to see what you do with it.