Thursday, September 07, 2006

GoldenWoolf BoatWorks

Collaboration with Eileen Goldenberg...they are ready for titles

Boats one and two front boats one and two-backside
"oars" on left are wrapped with marine maps
"oars" on right are wrapped with my handwritten text

boat 3 front
"oars" wrapped with marine maps

boat 3 backside

boat 4
"oars" wrapped with handwritten text and marine maps

boat 4 backside

boat 5 front

boat 5 backside
some of the "oars"
are wrapped with paper with asian characters

boat 5 backside detail
silver leaf and xerox transfer


hearts front

hearts back

last but not least boat number 6
this one has copper leaf, and the "oars" are chinese gold leaf paper


Karen Jacobs said...

The best part of art blogs is watching work in progress. Excellent!

Kim Tyler said...

These are knockouts!

Cyndy Goldman said...

D -
I love them all!!! you are so inspiring and i hope they sell like hot cakes but i can't wait to see and touch them!!! C

Anonymous said...

You and your sis are brilliant, D. Having seen some of these boats in person, let me tell the world that they are even more lovely and delightful and whimsical and captivating than photos can show.

p.s. Thank you for coming to ND! It was a joy to meet you after all these years.

Joanne Mattera said...

Sail on, sisters!