Monday, October 16, 2006

Open Studios-Goat Cheese Log RECIPE

Santa Cruz Open Studios was GREAT for me this year. Thanks for all of you who attended, and for those of you that bought my work, and signed up for workshops. For those of you who loved the Goat Cheese's the recipe:

You can get most of the ingredients at Trader Joes or Costco

roll the goat cheese log in cracked black pepper, so it's
completely covered
chop up a jar of kalamata olives (t joes has really

good ones in a glass jar, they are pitted and not oily)
chop up many cloves of garlic (20-30)
sautee the garlic very slowly on low heat with extra
virgin (the best you can buy) olive oil-do not let the
garlic get crunchy or it will be bitter

surround the cheese loaf with the chopped olives, then
pour the warm garlic and oil over the olives and mix the two together.

chop a little fresh rosemary over the top of
everything. Serve with crackers, or if you want to
really have people fall at your feet, toast sliced
baguette and rub garlic over the toast and drizzle the
fab olive oil over it.



Kim Tyler said...

I'm drooling......

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