Monday, January 29, 2007

Uncrating Beauty

Beauty's crate has 10 carriage screws on the top side. Please note that the left half of the crate has a stencil of a fish on the top and left side. The right half of the crate has a stencil of a chinese character on the top and right side. When repacking the crate, match these up again for a perfect fit. These carriage screws have metal receivers inside the crate, and match up perfectly as well.

Please DO NOT OPEN the crate from this side!

Here's what you'll find when you unscrew the carriage bolts, and open the top of the crate. There is a storage box inside which protects Beauty. Simply peel back the layers of bubble wrap to reveal the storage box.

Here is the storage box revealed with the bubble wrap peeled back. Unclick the belt straps.

Voila! Here is Beauty inside her storage box. Lift her out and hang on the wall by the D rings.

When Beauty is ready to go to her next location, place her the storage box, and click the belts on. Reverse the procedure.

1 comment:

annie said...

So what material have you used for the storage box? Is it also wood?