Thursday, February 22, 2007

She Had A Lotta Backbone

She Had A Lotta Backbone
Encaustic sewn shreds of paper
18" x 52"

Close up of one of the sewn spiney elements.

A pair of the spines.
You can see how the paper has transparentized.

Here is one side of the artwork spread out on my table top.

Here is one side getting "waxed" on my Paula Roland light table.
You can see the thermometer on the upper left side of the anodized aluminum surface.

Free hanging on the studio wall.

The opposite side hanging on the wall

I just completed this piece for the Surface Design Association Members Show coming up in Kansas City in May. The show is called Sum of the Parts, and is in conjunction with the SDA Conference: Mind and Body. All the artwork submitted has the same size constraints which are 18" wide and 52" high, with a 2" loop at the top for hanging. They will be viewed from both sides.


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robin andrea said...

This piece, and the one below Black and White and Read All Over, are quite beautiful. For some reason I am reminded of the movie The Pillowbook. Have you seen it? It's about a woman who finds sensual pleasure in having words and letters written on her body.