Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Surface Design Association Conference Part 2-Collaboration

Today Collaborati Kansas City was formed! Wrenn, Linda and I, three Bi-statual girls Georgia/Virginia: Ohio/Florida: California/Washington spontaneously combusted into collaboration this morning, taking a 15 foot length of paper and drawing with 9B graphite pencils this gestural drawing!

we hung the "finished work outside on the concrete wall

close up

detail of the graphite texture

Linda photographing our work

Me, Wrenn and Linda

Here's Dorothy Caldwell coming around the bend, noticing our work

The daily KC afternoon rain forms droplets on our work
(click on photo for detail)

we bring it inside to dry

close up of the transformed surface

1 comment:

Kim Tyler said...

Hey, you're a tri-statual gal if you count California & Washington, and now Kansas.....Anyway, that piece is beautiful. Too bad it got rained on! I think it came out very well for a 3 way collaboration!