Thursday, July 19, 2007

Encaustic Workshop in the San Juans-July27-28

The preparations are going well for the Westcott Bay Institute encaustic class. I’ve been making medium for days! I just finished going through 55 pounds of beeswax! A shipment of gorgeous R and F encaustic paints and pigment sticks just arrived, and I have been gathering boards.

The workshop will be geared toward the beginner, For those of you who are attracted to encaustic and don’t want to go to the expense of setting up your studio with all the tools, here is your chance to try it out and see if you want to continue, and set up your own studio. We provide everything you’ll need: Paint, medium, boards to work on, brushes, etc. etc.

For those of you who already have experience working in encaustic, we will do our best to address all your questions about technique and whatever you are trying to achieve. My colleague, Cari Hernandez is flying up from Marin to co-teach with me. She comes to us with a background in professional photography, and is expert at achieving a very smooth surface. She has been experimenting of late with with tar and other interesting materials. Plus she is a lot of fun!

Some of the things we will be teaching are
Supports and Grounds
Basic painting techniques
Pigment sticks

For some visuals click here.

Because of limited electricity at our gorgeous sculpture garden location, we will be teaching in the style of plein air encaustic painters with propane stoves and crème brulee butane and propane torches. If you are one wanting to go into nature and paint, here is the opportunity for you to learn how.

We look forward to meeting you, having this great experience and assisting you to be more in love in encaustic than you already are!

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