Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Work from the Whidbey Studio

Here is a sneak preview at what's going on in the studio on Whidbey. Many sizes are in flux, and subject to change!
encaustic on wood
27" x 24"

encaustic on wood
16 "x 26"

encaustic on wood
15" x 24"

encaustic on wood
19 " x 24"

encaustic on wood
12" x 18"

encaustic on wood
14" x 24"


Anonymous said...

Ciao Bella! I love Monterroso! As I was first viewing the pieces I said to myself, "I Hope she has one titled Monterrosso and I hope it has fiery colors!" Yay for you. It makes me feel like a hot summer day with the sun setting brilliantly!. Whidbey must be wonderful for your soul! Continue with your every broadening the work and YOU!

Anonymous said...

wakanda acts as a counterpoint to the others. they remind me of old barn siding gone wild with color.

Tara (reporting from Port Townsend)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I'm working on somthing similar (paintings made up of modular units) but using different shapes. How are your paintings assembled? Are the wood pieces glued to a substrate? Nailed? Tacked? Would love to find out more.
Thank you,

laura_b said...

LOVE THESE! love love love them!!!! especially Riomaggiore and Monterosso and Wakanda, but they are all stunning ... and as a group, WOW!

thinking of you two whidbey-ing it up,
xo LBL

Heidi K. Rettig said...

These are so, so beautiful. Do you treat the wood first?