Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shadow Language-the next new

Shadow Language-one unit of hundreds
sewn paper encaustic
about 1.5" square

Open Studios was awesome for me. So many magical moments, great sales and connections. I now have a list of people who want to take my workshops to last me through the next year! As President of The Lucky Girls Society, I am of course, grinning from ear to ear. So there will be no grass growing under my feet, here is a sneak preview of the next new. When Sara Friedlander was here last week visiting me and seeing the new work, the title came to me, Shadow Language. The installation will be on a 12 by 12 foot wall which will have 300-400 of these little sewn and waxed grid units from floor to ceiling more or less. When lit, they form these fabulous shadows. I hope you'll be able to join me on November 7th at the opening of this show entitled WAXED, at Los Medanos College, in Pittsburgh, CA. A brand new gallery space, with a wonderful curator, Dawn Black. Two of my colleagues, Tina Vietmeyer and Adele Louise Shaw are also in the show. More and links coming soon.

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