Friday, November 30, 2007

Teaching Encaustic to Kids

Teacher Kathleen
My wonderful assistant, Jan

A few kids from the local Jr. Hi visited during Open Studios in October. One particular individual, Maddie, seemed quited interested. I told her that I would be happy to demo in her art class. Next thing I knew, their art teacher, the fabulous Kathleen Crocetti appeared at Open Studios. We made a date. So, this past Wednesday, I gave a quick demo to 3 of Kathleen's classes, aided by my swimming buddy, Jan (a fabulous artist in her own right). Each class had from 24-34 students. The nite before I cut squares of Rives BFK and dipped them in medium, so that the kids could do transfers. I gave a brief intro, the Fayum Portraits, Joanne's book, showed them how the molten paint goes on like "buddah." Next, a very brief demo on xerox transfers. It worked beautifully. They were excited, energetic, raring to go. Next demo, graphite transfers. All successful. Bada Bing. Fast. Easy. Fun. Kathleen has a very ingenious way of getting the kids back to their workstations. She says, "Smoking is bad for you!" They all get up and run to their work tables. How cool is that? A bizillion thanks to Maddie, Kathleen and Jan for making this all happen! Great to get 'em while they're young, eh Richard?
lucky kids-they get all these colored pencils

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patricia sahertian said...

i wanted to watch your video, but when i click on it it goes to your still photo. do you have it posted elsewhere? thanks....