Friday, June 20, 2008

Encaustic Painting Conference '08

Alexandre Masino demonstrates at his workshop on the still life

I attended the 2nd Annual Encaustic Painting Conference expertly crafted by conference director, Joanne Mattera in Beverly, Mass on June 6-8, with my pal Cari Hernandez. Upon our arrival, we picked up Miles Conrad at the airport, and headed directly (well, in a manner of speaking) to the Boston ICA for the Anish Kapoor exhibit. Without a doubt, a fantastic show. If you are anywhere near, don't miss it. On Friday we visited niece Amy, in Harvard Square and Mobilia Gallery, along with some purchases for Dotty Stripes' wardrobe at Marimekko. Back for the Keynote by Kay WalkingStick, a very inspiring artist. Great to see old friends, and meet new people. A highlight for was hanging out with Miles, and getting to know him better.
Miles Conrad teaching a 3D encaustic workshop

Cari and I helped him unpack for his workshop. The thought, meticulousness, precision and organization with which he packs his workshop materials is astonishing. It is great food for thought for my future traveling workshops. I regret not taking his workshop, which looked totally fascinating. So much so, that we at WaxWorksWest invited to give one for us. We'll have Miles' workshop on July 13 at our Santa Cruz/Corralitos studio!
Another great pleasure was hanging out with Yechel Gagnon and Alexandre Masino, two of the lovliest and most talented people I know. I did take Alexandre's workshop on The Still Life and it was definitely the highlight of my weekend. In the future, I will post a separate blog just about Alexandre and the workshop. It was fabulous seeing how he works. He makes it look so easy!
Alexandre Masino's workshop

Great to see Jeff Juhlin and Phyllis Lasche with whom I took my very first RF encaustic workshop in 2002 in SF with Eve-Marie Bergren. I'm hoping to visit Jeff next month, when I teach for RF in Park City at Spiro Arts. I got to meet my Diptych Project Partner, Kimberly Curry who is an absolute delight, and a peach of a person. I am looking forward to more collaborations with her in the future.
I met my twin, and new baby sister, Deborah Kruger, from Amhearst MA. We also found another hairsister, Susan Fader of Ditto Editions.
Deborah Kruger and Susan Fader
Here I am, giving my presentation (thanks to the Montserrat photographer) of Encaustic With a Textile Sensibility about artists marrying fiber and encaustic.
I've set up a new site, called EncausticFIBERopolis where I've posted each artist in the presentation, with a link to their website. I will be adding to it. For those of you who were interested in the printer of my's
On Monday, Cari and I had the day off, and drove to Providence to see RISD, have a fantastic lunch at 3 Steeple Street, look at art, and do some retail therapy. I loved the scale of the town, and would love to go back for more.
Katie Elliott-Furniture Designer at PAGE B studio

We then drove to Fall River to Katie Elliott's studio, PAGE-B. She is an award winning furniture designer RISD grad. She too will have her own post on this blog in the future!
On our last nite, Cari and I had a sunset walk on the beach at Cape Ann with Lynda and Leslie from Michigan. The perfect end to an inspiring event.

Cari and Lynda Cole on a sunset stroll at Cape Ann

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Kimberly said...

And meeting you was so fun for me! I also look forward to more collaborations. You did a wonderful talk at the conference. I was only sad it ended so quickly. More, more, MORE! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying summer!