Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Experiments for Teaching

silk screen on tea bag paper*, handwritten text, encaustic monotype, watercolor

I'm teaching in Park City later this month for R and F paints, at Spiro Arts. I'll be co-teaching with printmaker Kathryn Stedham. We haven't met, only spoken on the phone! It will be really fun and will open up new doors for all of us! Since the class will be mostly paper, and I'll be teaching the encaustic portion, I've been experimenting with paper/encaustic etc

cut up encaustic montotypes reconfigured with my text
text,painted encaustic monotype,collage

woven collage with text
Here is a description of the workshop:
This collaborative workshop incorporates the use of the monoprint in the encaustic process. Printmaking techniques such as paper lithography, zerox transfers and monotypes will be used to create paper elements, to be combined and/or layered as visual narratives. Applying molten wax and colored pigments to collage, fuse and/or embed components, students will learn the fundamentals of working with encaustic to further develop work. The encaustic process, practiced as early as 80 AD., yields lush, luminous surfaces of durable color and texture.

*tea bag paper silk screens, courtesy of and thanks to Dorothy Edmonston and Jane Gregorius.

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