Monday, September 15, 2008

Dorothy Caldwell Workshop Photos

I took so many photos of this workshop that they had to be posted in three sites!

I was/am inspired beyond my wildest dreams! 


Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

Looks like an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing this here.

Anonymous said...

I took her class in 2007 at Quilt Surface Design Symposium. Fabulous!
And this year she taught a Master Class at the same location, very inspiring. Next year she is teaching a 7 day master class there.
Mary Ann
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india flint said...

i'm still look to take a class of hers sometime...lucky you!

Leonie said...

Hi Daniella
fantastic to see your photos - so far I've only made it through the first set! I was absolutely thrilled to see Dorothy showing you the blind stitching quilt from Mittagong as I was one of the people who contributed.
I'm hoping to take another class with Dorothy when she visits Australia next year.