Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save the Teabags!

HELP...I'm working on a paper show for June. I need used teabags, yours and your neighbors. I'll come and pick them up, you can drop them on my porch, hand them to me, mail them to me, but save them. I fear I won't have enough to create this monster wall of teabags. Here is a sneak by rr jones.

mail your teabags to me at

614 Walnut Ave
Santa Cruz, CA


Franzi said...

Until when do You need them?

One Love Photo said...

Sounds VERY interesting!

Anonymous said...

Daniella/Dotty: Is this for real? I don't want to send a bunch of used tea bags if a practical joker has set you up. However, I do go through a dozen bags a day (1-2 black tea, the rest herbal).