Sunday, January 18, 2009

In This House That I Call Home-The WAXY part

Table top and contents are all encaustic!

Encaustic installation by Wendy Aiken and Judy Stabile
Yesterday, we had a "playday" at Waxworks. People come to the studio to use our space and work on projects in community. We are there to answer questions, and help with projects..we also get to paint! I knew that Wendy and Judy had been working on an installation as a part of the Assemblage+Collage+Construction art fest that is going on in every venue in Santa Cruz from January - April. We asked if they would take us over to see what the installation, in advance of the opening on the 25th. In This House That I call Home is a transformation of the PVAC gallery back into it's original state as a beautiful home. Many talented artists are working on this venue, curated by Jane Gregorius and Janet Fine. I'm going to concentrate on the waxy part. . I can tell you that we went through the entire house and all we could do was repeat OMG over and over. It is astonishing. This is a show that is not to be missed..Here are photos only of Wendy Aikin and Judy Stabile's portion.
Wendy and her encaustic candlelabra books and parakeet
The couch with everything you'd fine between the pillows on the surface, beneath clear plastic
The house/gallery is located at 37 Sudden Street in Watsonville
Wednesday-Friday 11am-4pm Sat-Sun 12-4
January 21-March 15


Anonymous said...

These pieces are stunning

Aimee G said...

My husband just purchased Wendy Aiken's "Key" encaustic panel for me. Where can we see more of her art (is there a website?)