Saturday, July 04, 2009

Declaring my Independence!

Today is a good day to declare my INDEPENDENCE-from wood! Is it because this morning, I scored a 6 x 6 foot map of China at a yard sale? Was it a sign from the universe? I'm feeling that I'm done with working on wood panels. No offense, Rodney-you know how I love your gorgeous, delicious and absolutely pristine panels. You know how I think they are works of art in themselves. I am so in love with and intrigued by paper. Hiromi, I'll be right there next month, save me some kozo and kitakata. Two weeks ago, thanks to R and F Paints, I took the Photo Encaustic class at The Center for Photography in Woodstock in NY, and at R and F in Kingston with lovelies Fawn Potash and Danielle Correia. I'll be teaching this class in a few weeks at Spiro Arts in fabulous Park City. I worked my photos only on paper, and was happy with the results. I could build up some amazing areas with wax on paper. So I'm going to use up the panels I have, and not buy any more. I'm going to become a Paper Girl. Stay tuned. The 2 new series I'm developing now are called Men and Black (really Turkey Umber Greenish) and White, and Someone's in the Kitchen. Visuals will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you! My independence this afternoon will be celebrated with listening to the crazy beet of Dan P and the Bricks, munching hot dogs and turkey burgers, and fireworks at the Marina.


Barbara Mallon said...

I applaud your courage on going free of wood and look forward to some photo's on your blog that show some of the insights you've gleaned at the workshops. I've been intrigued but not yet jumped for it.
Willipa Barb

Loree said...

I would love to take this class! Any chance you might consider teaching this at Waxworks?

Trent Riley said...

Thanks great blog ppost