Monday, October 26, 2009

Seoul Inspiration-the Marketplace-Day 11

A continuing love affair with brooms-especially the lime green ones
Today we visited three markets, the antique, the medicinal plants, and the flea. I am more inspired by the marketplace than most galleries. The way items are wrapped, stacked and displayed really do it for me. I took about 375 photos today, ok it's a sickness. The fun is that Kim, Judy and Wendy are all doing the same. We all have our own ways of seeing, and it has been so much fun to view our slide shows at the end of each day. We all translate and assimilate differently: I shred and glue, Wendy and Judy have been collaging and journaling out-of-this world books, and Kim is writing a stupendous Blog. Traveling a quatre has been the most terrific fun and so expanding.
pojaji and bamboo at the antique market

woman with ginsing
orange lanterns
can you stand this wrapping!

greens from China?
burdock root

shizo leaves?

the cabbage wall of future kim chee
glasses at the flea

Those wrapped leaves are getting me all excited to resume with eucalyptus at home!


Nancy Natale said...

Fabulous, Daniella! I can see where this is going. Thanks so much for posting.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I've been following your travels on Kim's blog, yours, and now and then on Facebook. The next best thing to being there is to be seeing through your 8 eyes--and I'm sure what you're sharing is just a fraction. Looking forward to more pix when you all return.

love, Lisa

Nancy said...

I love the way you see patterns!

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