Friday, October 16, 2009

Got Seoul

Kim and Judy at an art store. Those are all brushes in cross section on the top shelf
Today was our first full day in Korea. We had absolutely the best time. Just wandering with no agenda. We saw so many art stores with lovely brushes, pigments, and every kind of paper imaginable. The clothing was divine. The fashion so surprising-hand dyed fabrics, expert and flawless tailoring, pojagi, gallerists inviting us in and chatting us up about their artists. Such friendly people. The food is terrific-spicy and interesting. I am in love with Seoul. I thought Korea would be wonderful, but this is ridiculous. There is constant visual inspiration, and a feeling of well being. Lee So Young who is doing beautiful work called Word Play. tiny shreds of paper that spin and move on thread
She works with paper, shreds of paper, and red thread in a book format. Her work was so terrific I almost burst into tears.
Wendy, Judy and Kim are terrific traveling companions. We are all quite compatible, and have similar interests-so that is making is the travel easy, and a whole lot of fun. smiling sisters at lunch
We all bought clothes today! I've taken so many photos-there will be a slide show!
the courtyard at lunch


barb cabot said...

It sounds really perfect. I'm so glad you can blog and take us along for the trip.

Anonymous said...

Daniella, I loved Korea too. When I lived in Asia it was one of my favorite places to visit. The Korean people are warm, friendly and fun. Very demonstrative. They are like the Italians of Asia whereas the Japanese are like the Germans of Asia. Have oodles of noodles and lots of fun. The tailors are fab and have a pair of custom shoes made for yourself while you are at it. Hi to the gals. Hugs! Susan

Cari said...

I am loving your updates!
Wish I were there with you, Kim, Wendy, Judy...I know it is the BEST!